By: Tita Rodriguez Parra

My beloved brother Art Rodriguez passed away on April 4, 2010 I will never forget Art’s expressions of joy, laughter and his tears, when I read my stories to him. I have written this book at his request because he knew that I'm also interested in helping the youth to think through some of the choices that they might encounter in life.
Sadly Art did not get to see my book published. He is a great loss, not only to me but also to so many others.
My love and memories of Art will remain in my mind and in my heart forever.

 Tita Parra is from San José, California, and is the sister of Art Rodriguez, a very popular author of young reader books. After many years, she has now chosen to share some of her childhood and teenage stories from the 1960s and 70s, when oldies were played on record players and when it was legal to cruise the streets in suped-up low-rider cars. 

Tita was always surrounded with a crowd of friends who lived on Virginia Place, the street where she was raised. She tells stories of her brothers and her parents, and how their lives changed after their parents divorced.


Tita experiences a lot of happy times in her young life and teenage years; however, you will feel your heart beating rapidly when she reveals some bad choices that could have cost her her life more than once.

She shares stories that will make you laugh and cry. More important, she reminds youngsters to resist peer pressure and pay attention to intuitive feeling that can dramatically change one’s life.

Today, Tita finds herself living a happy and fulfilled life. She continues to live in San José, California.

                               Stories of "The Town I Live In"

The Town I Live In
The Worst Time of Art’s Life
Cooking for the Guys
A Birthday Surprise
Double Trouble
Aunt Connie
Lovely Mother
Ruby Red Ring
The Flats
Living on the North Side
Young and Foolish
Spending the Night in Elmwood Jail
Love on a Two-Way Street
Peer Pressure
Mt. Hamilton
Big Brother
Treasured Memories of Dad
Memories of Virginia Place
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